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Rules and Information

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1 Rules and Information on Mon Mar 09, 2015 10:27 pm

Core Rules

No Flaming. Respect your fellow player. Conflict is a good dramatic tool for play so feel free to be as aggro in character as you feel necessary but do not carry that anger over into the OOC boards. If another character argues with you it isn't personal so don't rip into their player over it.

No God-Modding. This means that you can't control the actions or reactions of another player character. This goes for everything from combat to describing their emotional state and actions.

No Power Playing. Allow your character to make mistakes, take hits and just utterly fail every so often. That isn't to say you have to let every bad thing that comes up happen to you, but it makes for a more interesting game if it does once in a while.

Rating. The forum won't have a set rating, but we'd prefer if you'll keep it under nc17. Violence, blood and gore are fine as long as proper warnings are given. Smut and other sexual activities are discouraged in any public form. Do what you will in PM's just keep it away from where everyone can read it, that being said there is a difference between kissing and cuddling and smut, so use your own discretion. Triggering subjects are allowed but MUST be properly labeled. We want this place to be open and friendly for everyone and for people to not have to worry about what they are reading. Bad language is alright but try and keep it from getting to out of hand.


Signing Up. Please make your username the name of the character you wish to play. You may make multiple accounts with the same email address. OC's and Canon characters alike are more than welcome.

Canon Characters. There is no list of available canon characters - meaning, you may roleplay whoever you would like no matter whether the character is already being roleplayed or not. Clones do exist in this world, and if two canon characters exist in the same universe, it will be counted as two different characters that are merely clones or doubles of one another. They do not have to have any correlation with each other, and they are not forbidden from interacting with one another.

Bio's. Please take the time to write a bio in the Character Catalog section when you can. It helps us and others keep track of characters.

If you think your topic or post contains any sort of triggering material, please put an OOC warning at the beginning of the post or in the topic title. This is a safe space, this does not mean that you can't act out dark or troubling scenes, but make sure people know what they're getting into, including your rp partner!

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