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GARNEN[and the many variants]

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1 GARNEN[and the many variants] on Tue Mar 10, 2015 12:38 pm

That sounds like a shitty band name. I'll change it when I think of a better one.

Let's start with backstory. Garnen was born on a well-constructed planet called 'Nix'. Nix was a grand and thriving metropolis many years ago- but as power grows so do those that are jealous. One of the last worlds the creature(Siren's character) ever visited, the demon had killed off all but one region of the world which contained three kingdoms within it. Lots of paragraphs of world building will go here eventually, but skipping to actually describing the character: Garnen isn't human- he's a clone of a demigod(Tom- whose father is Piper and a human woman) that was killed before his trial was ever held, and Garnen was meant to take his place and receive all his memories for the trial, unfortunately the world ended up dying anyways because of a stupid fucking thing Garnen did(he was about 17 when he left Nix for Xydriek's realm).

From the Realms he learned a lot of science, and was betrayed by his fellow scientist this world led to an Attack of the B Team server I played on with Brooke, where Garnen had fallen from the sky and befriended a lovely frizzled scientist called Vi. As time went on, a war between gods brought the death of everyone on that world. From there two versions of Garnen split- one going to this world and the other going to yogsummer.

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